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Tips, tricks and thoughts on who to work with on your next Novi real estate purchase.  Visit for more great Novi Michigan Real Estate Information.  

If you or anyone you know is looking to find a Novi Real Estate Agent you have come to the right place.  We are local to the area and would love the opportunity to work with you on all your future real estate sales.  We would like to offer some things to think about when selecting a Novi real estate agent. 

1)  Speak with a few real estate agents in the area.  Check their web presence, work location (usually want within one city away from the one your targeting) and feel free to call/email to set up a quick meeting with them.

2)  Have a 45 min meeting with them in their office to see what your potential agent has to offer.  This is where you get a brief chance to meet, get to know and go over what is to come.  During this time you and your agent will know if you are a good fit.

3)  Be careful of the person who claims to be the expert in every area and type of real estate sales.  In our opinion it is best to consider working with someone who frequently does and specializes in your type of real estate transaction.

4)  Ask questions such as:  Do you attend the real estate inspection?  What concerns should we have with what we are looking to do?  Are we in a good price range?  Do you use all the latest technology available?  Will your agent attend closing and effectively manage the process along the way? 

Once your real estate agent selection is made then it is time to start viewing homes.  The great thing about this is you already know your agent, know what is coming, understand your purchase agreement and it all took only 45-60 minutes.
Robert Jakowinicz
Robert Jakowinicz
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