Call, Email or Text today to set up a no obligation meeting going over the home buying process.  I highly recommend this to anyone looking to purchase real estate in Michigan.  We've been doing these meetings for a long time and have yet to have anyone not tell us they found it very informative. 

  This page is dedicated to residential real estate purchases and Michigan First Time Home Buyers. We will attempt to inform you as much as possible. If you ever have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know. Our email address is

The Michigan Home Buying process may seem complicated, just take things step by step, learn a bit about the process, keep a good network of professionals around you and you will be just fine.  Remember to give yourself enough time to comfortably buy your Michigan house. Generally speaking I would suggest to start looking (at least online) approximately 3-6 months before you would actually like to move in.  From the time you make an offer on the home it can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to close the transaction.  

Step 1:  Find a Good Michigan Real Estate Agent

Most of the entire process of buying your home will involve your Realtor in one way or another.  We can help you with everything from finding a good lender, home inspector, title company, contractors, negotiating the deal, getting all contracts filled in properly, 
taking care of city certifications, finding your home, finding out what a fair price would be for your new home, and much more.  Your agent will be with you from start to finish to help with anything that may come up.  You may find yourself asking more than one time during the process is this normal, what do we do now, etc?

Step 2:  Figure out what you can afford 

This will depend on your interest rate, income, credit rating, monthly expenses and down payment.  Many computer programs are great for this but visit a lender for more 
accurate details.  A local loan officer can be a great resource so we have a good direction right from the start.  You don't want to start looking at homes way out of your price range just to realize you can't afford them. (It's a real bummer).       

Step 3:  Learn as much as you can (initial meeting a must with your agent)

We recommend learning as much as you possibly can.  We can give you multiple names of quality people to talk to on the business end of it.  Drive neighborhoods your considering buying in, check out the local schools both on our site and in person.  Sit down and tell us your situation so we can point you in the right direction that
is suited for your individual needs.  

Step 4:  Time to House Hunt with Your Realtor

By now you should have chosen your real estate agent and are aware of where you may want to start looking for your new home.  Now it's time for your Realtor to look at getting you the most for your money.  We do this everyday and know the in's
and out's of getting you what you want for the best deal possible.  We found the house of your dreams-------let's make an offer.

Step 5:  Make an offer  

Remember from this point it can still take 4-6 weeks to get you in your new house.  We submitted the offer (on purchase agreement  you have already reviewed and went over with your real estate agent) and after a little work on each parties end we have an agreement.  Now you have a few decisions to make such as---house inspections, down payment, home owners insurance, occupancy, city certifications (can be really important in some area's), appraisals, repairs and handling any other issues that may come up.

Step 6:  The Closing process (making the home yours legally)

This the time you sign all the paperwork to make this house your home.  It has been about 4 weeks since we have made our offer on this house.  We usually do the final walk-through on the way to closing to make sure the home is in the same condition as it was when you fell in love with it.  The closing will usually take about an hour and will be at one of two places the listing agent's office, or the title company.  
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Robert Jakowinicz
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