Michigan home buying statistics from real estate agent

Michigan First Time Home Buyer Statistics

Hi my name is Bob Jakowinicz Realtor in Livonia Michigan.  If your looking to buy a house in the near future please don't hesitate to call or email anytime.  
Here are some interesting statistics regarding first time home buyers around the country.

  First time Home Buyers are responsible for approx. 40% of all home purchases.  That's right you are very important and usually the current pulse of the Michigan Real Estate Market.

   *  75%lived in an apartment home in a rental situation, while approx. 18% lived with parents.

   *  Approx 50% are married couples, while approx. 11% unmarried couples

    Approx 25% are single female home buyers compared with 11% single male home buyers.

  *  Information used by First Time Home Buyers were:

                 87% used the Internet to gather information
49% used newspaper ads
44% open houses
30% used home book or magazine
29% found they home they purchased on the Internet;
56% did a virtual tour on-line
9% TV

The above information is gathered from The National Association of Realtors
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Robert Jakowinicz
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