Michigan Real Estate Agent Strategic Planning Marketing Plans serving Livonia Northville Novi Farmington Hills Westland and Plymouth


We have a unique approach to the listing process NOT limited by anything you see on this page.  Sometimes we do more and sometimes less, depends on the situation.  The interesting thing is all of this can be put on your own private webpage for you our clients to follow along with us on what is being done during the listing process.  There are also things that must be noted that are always or consistantly being done which will also greatly benefit our clients.

*  High Ranking website placement with all of our websites
*  Print advertising all over our community
*  Constant mailings to our local community
*  Up to date training
*  Real Estate Agent Networking in Livonia, Novi, Northville, Farmington Hills and Plymouth Michigan
*  I speak with OVER 100 potential buyers and sellers a week (personally)
*  Treat everyone with respect to be the agent other agents enjoy working with 
*  Various activites depending on the situation (constantly creative)  

My objective of the 150 day marketing plan is to Professionally Market and Promote your home to create Positive Demand we all can get Excited about.  Here are some of the things we accomplish during this time but not limited to just the items we list here.  Using our knowledge, skills, tools, and resources we will:
Day 1-14
*    Go over recent Real Estate activity in local neighborhood.
review our credentials*
*    In Depth consultation with the Sellers (Marketing Plan).
discuss our goals*
*    Fill out all paperwork accurately.
room sizes, lot size, title info, assoc. fees., etc*
*    Take photo's of property.
perform curb appeal assessment*
perform interior design assessment*
*    Install lockbox.
*    Make Sure all company advertising is in place
*    Start Realtor Marketing campaign to fellow Agents
*    Write a unique blog about home
*    Get ad on Craigslist
*    Get virtual tour set up   
*    Install For Sale sign.
*    Design custom property feature sheets.
install feature sheet box*
install extra's on for sale sign*
*    Submit all information to Multiple Listing Service.
Get your home advertised at our Kiosk in Laurel Park Place MallSeasonal
Day 1-30
*   Submit information to all websites and network partners.
         *  We have a powerful network of Busy Bee Team Sites 
          *  Our Featured sites promote real estate to local homebuyers in our area 
*   Take video for virtual walk-through and submit to you-tube 
        *  Our videos have proven to effectively gain market exposure
         *  Google, Bing, Yahoo all love Real Estate Videos for seo placement 
*   Discuss our Open House plans.
*   Submit ads to local newspapers and magazines.
          *  Has not been as effective used much less than in past
*   Get your home on the RADIO or use 1-800 number.
          *  Gain excitement using modern technology
*   Review client-showing procedure.
*   Go over interior decorating ideas (If needed)
          * Crucial to gain maximum effectiveness from our showings 
*   Discuss Feng-Shui ideas (If Interested)
*   Make home's own property direct link on the web (web page)
*   Go over clients property update login instructions.
*   Discuss your property Enthusiastically to other local agents.
          *  Market directly to top buyer real estate agents 
*   Mail just listed cards to local neighborhood.
*   Make sure extra photo's are on necessary websites.
Day 1-90
*  Discuss sales associates comments.
         *  Set up quality driven feedback system sent directly to all parties at same time
*  Go over Feed back on current price and condition.
*  Go over our current Marketing plan.
         *  Keep up with changing home buyer demands 
*  Constant communication with agents who have shown home.
*  Review Local Real Estate Market Conditions -----Re-Evaluate.
Sit down meeting between us
Day 1-150 
At this point every home and sellers situation may vary and we will continue on an Proactive Marketing Plan which suits the needs of our client.
Robert Jakowinicz
Robert Jakowinicz
116 W Main St Northville MI 48167